Spirit Medicine for Emerging Queens 

THE WHY - If you are reading this right now, you know you have the ability to step into your Divine Feminine Power.  I designed this Master Course FOR YOU!  The purpose of this series of transformative experiences is to support you in stepping into the fullness of your Spiritual Truth, Purpose and Power.


I know and you know that you have a POWERFUL, Spiritual Purpose here on Earth.  This Divinely-Channelled and connected Spiritual Purpose is of great service and benefit to Humanity.


YOU KNOW YOUR POWERFUL DIVINE HERITAGE - You are reading this right now because you, like me, have most likely had multiple lifetimes as a High Priestess, Oracle, Queen and other Divinely connected rulers.  As most of us know, Matriarchal leaders ruled the world for most of human history.


WE ARE THE LEADERS OF THE AGE OF AQUARIUS - Emerging out of the age of the patriarchy in the AGE OF AQUARIUS, we are being asked to step FULLY into this power so that we can truly manifest the spiritual work our souls came here to handle!


Although this Program is designed for you, it’s much bigger than you.  This Program is for all of us.  This Program is for the ENTIRE WORLD.  Why?  Because the entire Cosmos benefits when you make the powerful choice to embrace your Spiritual Power and REMEMBER your Divine heritage. When you remember your Divine Heritage, you give your Higher Self permission to activate your Soul Purpose here on Earth.


Divine Alchemy is an intensive, transformational Signature Program.  This program is offered in both a private (one-on-one) and group format. The group program is offered for women only (at this time).


ONE-ON-ONE:  You can begin the private version of this program anytime after you have experienced an Intuitive Astrology Reading with the Divine Medicine Lady.

If you are looking for something different, check out my other readings as well as the Spiritual Coaching Programs I offer (weekly and monthly).  I even offer 30-minute sessions for those wanting to get a sample of my work.


As mere mortals we often feel powerless to change our circumstances.  The truth is that we hold great ability to manifest and steer our lives and environments in very mystical directions.  In order to do this, however, we must truly learn to see the world through the 5thdimensional realm or reality.




This 4-week power-packed program is for Heart-Centered women who are willing to truly let go of the old stories, programs, beliefs and energy of the past IN ORDER TO:

Step into the fullness of the New POWER-FULL Story that you are reclaiming, telling and stepping into about WHO you really are.




Many of our brothers and sisters are suffering with low vibrational frequencies, trauma energy, generational trauma patterns, low self-esteem, feelings of low-self-worth and false ideas of themselves.  Our Mother Earth is being DIS-respected on the daily AND WE AS POWERFUL WOMEN LEADERS MUST step into our power so that we can lead the world into a place of balance, harmony and sustainability.

BECAUSE of our Spiritual Power in past lives, most of us experience great fear, procrastination and blocks in truly connecting with our most Powerful, Divine, Spiritually Powerful, Spiritual Selves – in other words, the Higher Self.   Because many of us were persecuted in very real ways we have an unconscious memory of losing our lives.

As women, we have a double dose of karmic trauma to release and overcome because:

  • We suffered the trauma of intense patriarchial oppression and violence as women
  • We suffered the trauma of intense repression and persecution as Spiritually Powerful healers and leaders under the persecution of the church.


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