Welcome to the Love Blessings & Blueprint Program!

As a Spiritual Advisor and Healer, the Medicine Lady is blessed to work with the energies of the universe that bring in love, romance and partnership and allow you to tap into the Attractive Forces of the Universe. These energies also connect to fertility and conception.    Learn more about these related programs here.

During our work together, we will journey through the following terrain.  Together in a safe, nonjudgmental space we will explore and seek understanding, illumination and healing around:

  • Your relationship to sexual energy and love
  • Your experience with romance and love relationships/partnerships;
  • Family lineage – Together and on your own time, we will explore the stories and experiences in your family surrounding love, romance and partnership.  Together we will look at which energies you want to keep in your life and those you are seeking to release and transform;
  • Your energy field and techniques to bring in the energy of openness and relaxation;
  • Relationship Themes – In considering your journey to manfiest a new love partnership and all that comes with this journey, we will explore different relationship dynamics from your past that could be acting as obstacles to true love as well as new pathways that can open the doorway to the expansive, open energy needed to attract unconditional love and romance into your life.

You will complete our work together with the following (or having received the following):

  • Astrological Insight based on your astrology chart;
  • Practice learning to shift old patterns and stories that may have blocked true love in the past;
  • Healing work to reconnect you to the romantic, sexual, love energies of the universe;
  • Prayers and meditations to bless your love journey;
  • Powerful, positive Affirmations to ground and focus your heart and mind on your journey to connecting to the your heart’s desire around romance and love;
  • A beautiful Vision Board to visually focus your intentions and actions on your journey
  • Clarity, transformation, healing and clarity around:
    • Ancestral pain, trauma and stories
    • Personal history and relationship around sexuality and intimacy
    • Relationship dynamics

As different themes and experiences emerge within your life and your ancestral lineage, I may refer you to other healers, experts and practitioners if needed.

PRICE:  $555.00 includes: A two-hour initial consultation and 5 hours of One-on-One Work.  Additional work can be scheduled for $55/hour. Payment plans are available for an additional $55.00

To book your session or to set up a meet-n-greet, informational session to meet with the Medicine Lady to learn more, please contact me here.