Leadership, Transformation & Empowerment Program

for Queens Only

This is a Leadership Development Program for the Modern Day Queen!

Join the Medicine Lady for this 7-Week Signature Program to step into the fullness of your Spiritual Lineage. By the end of this Powerful, Transformative, 7-Week Spiritual Coaching Program you will:

Carry yourself as a Queen

Understand that:

  • You are the Master Architect of your reality and that your reality is only limited by the reality you can see in your mind
  • Your Reality changes when you see the Universe through the Eyes of a Queen
  • Your Power comes from your heart, your mind, your integrity & your Energy Field

Connect with Alchemy:  Integrate information from the elements, the planets and other universal energies that allow you to step into the possibility of Alchemy

Understand the Principles of Living in harmony and Sacred Union with the Divine Masculine

Strengthen Your Aura: Elevate your Vibration

Understand your Life Purpose and Strengths 

Gain Clarity on Releasing your Old Story & Launching your New Story 


  • This program is also available as a 28-Day Intensive which you can begin at any time.
  • A Self-Guided version of this program is also available as a downloadable PDF for $111 – now on Sale for $55.