• Divine Breakthrough Sessions are 90 Minutes for $200
  • Intuitive Wellness Sessions are 60 minutes for $150
  • Strategic Intuitive Sessions are 120 Minutes for $250 includes Astrology
Warme Sonnenstrahlen


The purpose of your Divine Breakthrough Session is to really support you in breaking out of the old story you have told about your life and supporting you as you craft a new script.  Through the use of basic astrology and Divine guidance, the Medicine Lady will help you gain clarity around old wounds and patterns that are now ready to be released.

By tapping into your innate strengths and life purpose, together we will explore the new story of your life and how your wounds and past challenges are actually the foundation, wisdom and understanding for you to design your new reality.  Sessions are 90 minutes.  Book your Session now.



The Medicine Lady has been studying healing and traditional medicine for over twenty years in the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean.  Through her Intuitive Wellness Sessions she provides you with the opportunity to consider your illness or health concern from a different framework, one that empowers you to become the facilitator of your own healing journey.

Making use of energy healing, herbal medicine, shamanism as well as other traditional modalities, the Medicine Lady will help you gain clarity about the root cause of your illness.  To close the session she will make specific recommendations and referrals for you to explore. Book your Session now. 



The purpose of this session is to bring clarity, understanding and illumination to your path and purpose here on earth.  We begin our 90-minute session with an overview of your Astrology chart.  We will review the following:

  • The sign of each of your planets
  • The significance of each planet in your Astrology Chart
  • The significance of each house in your chart
  • The meaning of the location of each planet in each house

As we go through your chart we will begin to see specific themes emerge. Together we will delve into the aspects most seeking our attention. Our journey through your Astrology chart illuminates many aspects of your life and together we will focus on what areas you want to explore to bring further understanding and expansion to your journey of transformation.

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