MINI READINGS are 30 or 60 minute Readings (versus the 120 minute Divine Astro Breakthrough Sessions).

MERCURY RETROGRADE READINGS: Let’s get to the Heart of the Matter

Mercury is in Retrograde in the sign of Aries from March 8 – May 4, 2018 (including the pre and post shadow phases)!!! Mercury Retrograde occurs 3-4 times/year and without intention and understanding can chaos a lot of chaos, misunderstandings, accidents etc.

Get your personalized Astrology Reading to learn and understand how this Retrograde is acting on and influencing your life specifically. Some of us were born when Mercury is in Retrograde so we experience Mercury Retrograde phases VERY differently than the general public.

Retrograde Affirmation: “I dream, speak & move through the world with the intention of creating and experiencing peace and harmony within and without while standing in my truth and authenticity.”

Book your Mercury in Retrograde Reading by visiting the Scheduling & Payment Page (Cost is: $30 for 30 minutes or $55 for 60 minutes). 


When we heal our wounds of self-doubt and our connection to spirit, we master the power of our energy field in the manifestation process. To do that we must heal our deepest wound, a wound that can be illuminated through Astrology by the placement of Chiron. Learn more about Chiron on my blog post here.

When we do your Chiron Healing Astro Reading we will look at:

  • The Sign that Chiron is in (within your astrology chart)
  • The house placement of Chiron (which house Chiron is located in within your astrology chart which indicates where and how the trauma took place)
  • The “aspects” that Chiron has with other planets meaning the inter-dependent relationships between the planets that Chiron is connected to

Book your Strategic Chiron Healing Astro Reading by visiting the Scheduling & Payment Page (Cost is: $30 for 30 minutes or $55 for 60 minutes).