This page is intended to give you an offer of the concept of a Highly Sensitive Person. I offer specific packages for families raising Highly Sensitive Children as well as families who are in a Spiritual/Emotional Crisis (what I consider to be the Spiritual Birth Canal).   I also detail how I work with families on this page. 

Highly Sensitive People sense energy and are tuned into the spiritual realms in ways that other people are not.  Did you know that the human energy system is designed to perceive way beyond the five senses?  Did you know that we, as Highly Sensitive People (HSP) sense beyond the five senses?  As a result, we may have a hard time functioning on the physical plane because we are very tuned into the spiritual, energetic dynamics in our environment. We feel and seek to bring balance to the energies within and around us, whether consciously or not.  By our very nature, by the way that we are built, our focus is inherently on the energetic and spiritual aspect of life.

Here is the challenge - many of us who are walking around as Empaths often times do not know it. We get diagnosed as all kinds of things from depressed, anxious, ADD, ADHD and everything in between.  What people don't realize is that these "behaviors" are actually symptoms of having highly attuned energy fields.


SIGN 1. THAT YOU ARE A HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON - HSP (also known as an empath) - Highly Sensitive People came here as healers and "lightworkers."  A light worker is someone who came to turn trauma and dense energy into light, healing and wholeness, to turn pain into joy, to turn lower, chaotic vibrations into beautiful, structured harmony.

As lightworkers, we know what needs healing in a situation because we feel it immediately.  Since most HSP are not trained to honor these perceptions, this spiritual gift of energetic sensitivity is often experienced as a burden.

We do not actively choose to become Lightworkers. We make a choice before incarnating here on earth to come here for that purpose. In my personal experience and observations, once we are here, the more we resist our path the more difficult our life on earth becomes. We cannot turn our backs on our purpose. We do, however, have free will when it comes to using our purpose in a way that works for us here on Planet Earth.



During my lifetime, I have had the repeated experience of attracting the unconditional love and support of mystics, healers, Elders and sages. These people come into our lives because they are guided by our ancestors and the spiritual energies seeking to work through us.

Never discount their importance or doubt how you deserve to have their support. They came to you to support your birthing process and to reassure you on the path. Their energy, their words have very special significance to you. When you attract these wise souls into your life, know that you are on your path. Their very existence in your life demonstrates that you are a healer and a lightworker - your life is being guided.



Many of us were very serious children. We are often told that we are too serious or that we always take things too seriously. Coming into the world as a healer can be a huge burden to carry as we literally feel the pain of the world. I know that for me I found a huge sense of relief and inner peace when I connected with the how of my work here as a healer. All of the healing work I did on myself and that I received, each workshop I attended, every meditation, prayer and ceremony added up to a holistic understanding of my healing gifts and their purpose here on earth.

Now that I am fulfilling that purpose and I am using my gifts to help others like me I feel the burden so much less. In fact I would say that I no longer experience this responsibility as a burden because I know that there are millions of other lightworkers out there who are also doing their part. I know I am not alone and those lightworkers appear in my life on a daily basis now. Now that I am doing the work I came here to do I attract into my energy field other beautiful light beings who are also doing their work.



In 1999 a very intense series of events took place in my life. I made a video to tell you the story of this awakening. In summary, the spiritual energies wanting to work through my life manifested a series of events that forced me to open up my mind and my heart to the possibility of a spiritual force or existence that was beyond what I could see with regular eyes.

Some of the newer beings who have been coming in the world since the 1990’s have such a pure connection to the light that they know inside of themselves the truth of the spiritual realms. That is not my story. I did not believe in God or in anything larger than me. All I believed in was my connection to humanity, my love for all human beings. That was all I knew. As a result, the spirit world literally had to knock me upside me head to get their point across. I finally surrendered!

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I am wrote this article to support the beautiful, powerful and mystical birthing of the healer in you (and/or those around you). One of my particular gifts is using the experience of my own birthing process to support others.