Manifesting is a big buzz word these days. And let’s be honest – being a buzz word is not a bad thing. We just have to make sure we are not falling into the category of people who are looking for the quick fix energy of manifesting since we live in the “Quick Fix Era” for real.

In my humble opinion, there are many important components to Divine Manifestation which I cover in other places. In this post, I am covering the aspect of manifestation that deals specifically with the fact that you really cannot genuinely manifest something that does not come from your own heart and soul.

I know it may sound simple and obvious but the truth is that many of us try really hard to manifest dreams that do not even belong to us. “Dreams” meaning other people’s expectations of who we should be and what our lives should look like.

True manifestation, powerful, miraculous manifestation occurs when we align ourselves with Truth. Manifestation is an outcome of the Vibration and Alignment to Divine Truth. Therefore, to vibrate and align with Divine Truth, we must connect with, vibrate and align with our OWN truth and the dreams that come from our very own hearts.   We can spend lifetimes chasing after someone else’s expectations rather than receiving the blessing of stepping into alignment with our own authentic dreams.


The more we do the following the more clarity we gain around WHO WE really are:

  • Quiet the mind by practicing mental discipline – Make a commitment to only entertain thoughts that bring you to a Higher Vibration and a place of peace (train the mind). The less you entertain nonsense the less nonsense will follow you around!
  • Set aside time to meditate, seek stillness & sit in silence so you can look within and actually hear your own voice and truth. Even 5-10 minutes a day goes a long way!
  • Value yourself enough to create appropriate, healthy boundaries around other people’s needs and drama. There is a difference between being attentive to our friends and loved ones and becoming a sacrificial lamb to the lower vibrations of the drama around us. When you see that someone is committed to continuing the drama in their live, you can keep loving them but love them from afar! The energetic cost of having their drama in your life is not worth it! That drama takes up a lot of space in your life and makes it difficult to really feel and distill what you are seeking and needing in your own life.
  • Surround yourself with Positive Vibrations – People, Music, Vibes, Smells, Places that raise your vibration so you can see clearly. Most of you reading this post are Empaths meaning that you take on other people’s stuff in a split second until you learn to protect your Energetic Field. So often we literally think we are depressed or sad only to find out later that we took on someone else’s pain or emotions and allowed it to negatively affect our day.

The more we do these things the more we can connect with our own true heart’s desires.


  • Vision Boards – The other exercise I love that I think really helps us get out of the right, thinking brain and down into the power center of the heart is the process of creating Vision Boards. When you create your Vision Board (you can Google it) be sure to really create a vibe aka ambiance that really makes you feel at home and in Sacred Space.
  • Finally, I want to share an exercise that my business coach shared with me that was very powerful and I hope you will consider using it to really clarify your own values and dreams as well.


  • Do an assessment of your values and what is most important to you. Write 2-3 columns of the things that especially define who you are and a separate column of the things that you would NEVER give up about yourself and your life.
  • As part of this exercise you might want to brainstorm things like – my passions, my qualities, my skills, my gifts etc.
  • Once you are done, draw a circle around the things that are similar, that could go in one category.
  • Strive to condense your writing down to 2-3 sentences that really capture who you are, your purpose, your value and your true heart’s desire!

Please feel free to send me any questions, suggestions etc that you have! Happy Manifesting of your Heart’s True Desires!

– Divine Medicine Lady, March 5, 2018