Ceremony is our connection to Spirit, the Most High, the Great Mystery. Ceremony is how we express our prayers and intentions and how we communicate with our highest self, our ancestors and Spirit Guides.

Building a powerful, sacred altar is an integral part of creating a beautiful, powerful ceremony.  Join me as we gather a group of women to learn how to build beautiful altars and create ceremony together.

Ceremony Group Package: Gather your Friends

This is the time when we are women are remembering how to collaborate and cooperate together like we did in ancient times. We are cooking meals together and for each other, we are holding space for each other as we birth into our true selves and we are remembering how to do ceremony together.

This $400 package can include up to 8 people and will be spread out over an 8-week series.  If each person only wants to pay $50, find 8 people. If each person can pay $100, find 4 people!



Contact me today. I am happy to schedule a free, in-home consultation so we can talk about the needs of your group with a particular focus on your intention for the group.  If you are facilitating the package, we will start with your home.  We will look at the space and figure out how to co-create a powerful altar for you.