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Black Moon Lilith was the first wife of Adam, so legend tells.  She was the woman who cast off the Patriarchy and paid the price with her reputation.  But what is reputation when compared to true freedom?

This post is about freedom.  It’s about the freedom that we as women must truly RECLAIM internally. It’s about the lives we create for ourselves and our loved ones when we know our worth, when energetically we no longer accept bullshit.  And when I say bullshit I mean the bullshit we receive within and without – but mostly it’s about the nonsense that we entertain and ALLOW.

One thing I have seen this year loud and clear – the universe ALWAYS sends us EXACTLY what we allow.  If we send a loud and clear message that we are not even entertaining nonsense, the Universe will literally stop sending it because there is no energetic connection or attachment to things that waste our time.

I know I can speak for myself when I say that I am at a point in my life where:

  1. I do not entertain bullshit;
  2. I really feel no need to explain certain things. It’s really fine with me if someone does not affirm or understand my choices or my reasons; 

Certain patriarchal energies still try to come at me and honestly, it’s just not my job to convince anyone of anything anymore.  I trust MY discernment, I trust MYSELF, I trust my path and what I know now to be true for me.  And what works for me does not have to work for everyone.  It’s ok with me if other people do not understand my actions, my choices, my discernment because guess what – I do. 

Many people, especially men (many of them well-intentioned men) will ultimately try to break you down if they feel threatened by your power.  That does not mean they should be crucified – it means they need the raw truth.  They need the unfiltered version of you, your true discernment so that the power dynamics and energy can shift.

And let’s be honest, our power is multiplying exponentially right now because the Divine Feminine is Rising because it has no choice.  We literally must rise up to rebalance the Earth in order to provide the energetic leadership and healing that is required at this time.  

Our wisdom, our hearts and our feminine power are the healing of the nation. 

There is a part of this process where I am … this journey of healing the deep, deep pain between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine – healing what the Feminine has endured (in all of us, both men and women).  A part of this journey that almost has no words.  A part of the journey after crying out all the tears, all the pain for women everywhere, for women over the millenieu and then there comes this sense of fearlessness. 

Right now – this is what I sense to be important:

  • There is massive power to be gained for everyone when we choose to stay true to ourselves;
  • When I say everyone I mean women and men, the Cosmos …
  • That means not smiling when we don’t feel like smiling, not saying it’s ok when it’s NOT ok;
  • It’s about speaking when it’s NOT comfortable to speak;
  • It’s about saying what HAS to be said no matter how unpopular it might be;

And often this fearlessness comes across as literally:  NOT GIVING A FUCK.  And it’s not that I or we don’t give a fuck. I know I do. I care deeply for my brothers and sisters, for the healing of this universe, this earth, this pain. But I no longer care what others think about me … even men.  And it’s a deep and painful process of doing that level of alchemy but ultimately it’s where the true freedom lies and it’s where I have found the powerful alchemy resides. And yes, sacrifices sometimes have to be made.

Because powerful men wanting to do this work NEED fearless women who are willing to stand up and say to them, to their faces the things that almost no one will say. And we must say these things knowing some men will leave, will walk away … run away. Because we may say, we may need to say the things that probably no other woman has said before … and she may be challenged and she may have to stand tall. And she does and she will continue to stand tall.  She will continue to stand for what is right, for the healing, all the way through until the end. Ashe. 

Please note: I consider all of us beings in this healing together. Women AND men.

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