Once you have booked and scheduled your session, please begin to prepare yourself for your session by doing the following:

I.  Download and fill out the Client Intake Form 

Please use this link to download your Client Intake Form:  You may fill out and either send it back as an attachment or print it, fill it out take photos of it. Return either way to my email address. 


II.  Set your Intention:  Please take some time to set your intention for our session together. You may want to do some journaling, listening to some meditative music, mediate, go for a walk and just find some quiet time to spend with yourself and the Divine.

Some questions that you may want to ask yourself:

  • What part of me is really wanting to be birthed right now?
  • What old stories or belief systems am I ready to release?
  • Am I connected to my heart’s true desires, my spiritual gifts and my life purpose?
    • If yes, what can I do to strengthen this part of my life?
    • If no, what can I do to begin to open up this inner wisdom?

III.  Create an Altar/Sacred Space for the Session 

An altar is a way to physically express our intentions, hopes, dreams and prayers.  An altar is a powerful component of connecting with the power of our heart as well as with our ancestors and spirit guides.  Around my website you can find plenty of examples of an altar.