The Medicine Lady is a spiritual leader in service of the healing and reconnection of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. She is a master designer of programs and has successfully designed leadership development programs for multicultural groups & organizations for over 20 years.

She guides women through sessions and programs that connect them to their divinity, the spiritual power that already resides within so they may step fully into their true purpose.  In addition, she is a Wellness, Manifestation and Breakthrough Coach.  Learn More.

The Medicine Lady has studied healing and traditional medicine in Latin America, the Caribbean and the U.S for over twenty years.  She has learned from many elders and Grandmothers and carries their stories in her heart in order to share them with the people.

The Medicine Lady's true passion is designing and facilitating her breakthrough program The Divine Queen Unleashed - A Leadership, Transformation & Empowerment Program for Queens Only. NOTE:  To women walking the path of righteousness, truth and Integrity please contact me to discuss if this program is right for you.  We only have Space for 11 Women. Next Program Date:  January 2nd, 2018.


I am here with a very specific skill-set and a very specific purpose.  My purpose is to support you in birthing your true self.  In that process, we will identify and work together to release old patterns that no longer serve you.