Strategic Intuitive Advisor

 *Intuitive Reader *Founder of The Spiritual Bootcamp Program for Women * Light Worker * Soul Purpose Astrologist * Master Manifestation Teacher * Ceremonialist * Daughter of Osun * Lover of Dancehall Music

The Medicine Lady uses her connection to the Divine Source to provide you with Strategic Intuitive Guidance to illuminate your path and bring you closer to your purpose.  Her passion is helping people free themselves of the past to become their highest potential.

She specializes in facilitating powerful transformation for heart-centered people  in need of out-of-the-box, spiritually-grounded tools, resources and support. She is based out of South Florida and offers programs and services locally as well as long distance (over the phone and video call). Learn more about the Medicine Lady.

Her powerful sessions connect people with their divine gifts and life purpose as well areas that may be inviting in a shift or transformation. She supports the opening of your path through astrological data, intuitive readings and energetic consultations.  Learn more.


To begin working with the Divine Medicine Lady, please schedule your one-time Break-Through Session (120 minutes).  During this session we will:

  • Review your Natal (Birth) Astrology Chart;
  • Review your Progressed Astrology;
  • Review the transits (Planetary shifts) going on in real time and how these Powerful, Universal Energies affect different aspects of your life bringing in specific opportunities;
  • We will examine any energies going on in your life that you are ready to shift.  We will call in the full breakthrough energy and get to the bottom of whatever challenge or situation you are dealing with.


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Join the Divine Medicine Lady for this 8-Week Signature Program to step into the fullness of your Spiritual Truth, Purpose and Power.

This 8-week power-packed program is for Heart-Centered Women who are willing to truly let go of the old stories, programs, beliefs and energy of the past IN ORDER TO: Step into the fullness of the New Story that you are reclaiming and telling about who you really are.  Visit the Program Overview page.

Upcoming Start Dates:  Sunday, April 16, Sunday (New Moon in Aries) and September 23rd (Full Moon in Aries).

Register here or contact me with questions or more information.

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Once you have participated in a full, Intuitive Break-Through Session with the Divine Medicine Lady, you are eligible to participate in the Intuitive Coaching Program and the Energy Medicine Transformation Program (minimum of 4 week commitment for both programs).

I also offer weekly & monthly Intuitive Coaching Sessions to support your journey of reclaiming and rewriting your story. During these sessions we will use a variety of tools to explore whatever issues are present that week.

Weekly Coaching Sessions are available in 30 or 60 minute increments.

Monthly Coaching Sessions are available in 60-120 minute increments.

Schedule your Coaching & Energy Medicine sessions here.

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You came to Earth as a Spiritual Being with a very specific purpose.  You are not meant to discover or fulfill your purpose alone.

Allow your Spiritual Tribe to support the birthing of your Highest Self, Truth and Acknowledgement of your Purpose. Connect with us today so we can help you step into the next chapter.