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When we heal our wounds of self-doubt and our connection to spirit, we master the power of our energy field in the manifestation process. To do that we must heal our deepest wound, a wound that can be illuminated through Astrology by the placement of Chiron.

In Greek Astrology, Chiron represents a Centaur who had a very deep wound. No matter what specialist or medical expert he went to see, no one could help him or heal his wound. So Chiron set off on a journey to heal his deepest wound and in the process became a Healer. Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer and is an analogy for each of our lives and the way that we can unlock the Healer within. A large part of the path of unlocking the Healer within is RECLAIMING the Story, the journey of the Wounded Healer. Many of the world’s most powerful healers had to walk through many intense years of healing, facing their deepest wound and pain, in order to emerge reborn into a place of power.

Right now Chiron is in the sign Pisces so collectively we are healing our Wound of being able to fully trust Spirit (God, the Creator, Great Spirit, the Universe etc.) May of us were born when Chiron was in the sign of Taurus so we came here to heal the wound of truly valuing ourselves. In other words, many of us really struggle with feelings of inadequacy and feelings of unworthiness. As part of our healing journey, we often manifest energies, people and situations that test our feelings of self-worth. This is how we grow. The sign and the placement of Chiron in our astrology chart even helps some people come to terms with specific trauma they had blocked from their conscious memory.

When we do your Chiron Healing Astro Reading we will look at:

  • The Sign that Chiron is in
  • The house placement of Chiron (which house Chiron is located in within your astrology chart which indicates where and how the trauma took place)
  • The “aspects” that Chiron has with other planets meaning the inter-dependent relationships between the planets that Chiron is connected to

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