Sophia Angelina, Virginia, March 2017

“I have known Phoebe personally for 5 years.  She is my spiritual sister. I have witnessed her grow rapidly into her gift as a healer and a medicine woman in just the time I have known her.

Before knowing her, she carries profound healing knowledge of the West African and Caribbean Ancestors, plant medicine, and a vault of healing from previous lifetimes.

I am a practicing massage therapist and energy worker of 12 years, and Phoebe is the one I go to for the clearing of my field when I have picked up heaviness from my work.

She has also helped me heal my heart, my negative thought patterns related to a deep wound of abuse, and facilitated me releasing the old so I may create the new, thus uniting me with my husband.

She has a magical and very real gift of prayer where she unites with the divine healing power of Archangel Metatron, who bestows immediate clearing and Light. When Phoebe prays over me through the Angels and the Light, I feel instantly lifted. I have never met such a gifted medicine woman of the Light, my Sister in Prayer and Heart.  Thank You, Phoebe.”

Warme Sonnenstrahlen

Karen, Illinois, May 2017

Phoebe's insights have helped me to gain a better understanding of myself. My sessions with Phoebe have allowed me to open up more to listening to my inner wisdom. Phoebe's spiritual gifts are kindness, empathy and a knowing about astrology that helps to support my daily life plans and goals.


Meredith, Hawaii, May 2017

My session with Phoebe has allowed me to accept where I am now, as the place that I am meant to be!  I felt my resistance to my present situation dissolve and my understanding of the bigger picture become so much clearer!

Phoebe’s spiritual gifts are numerous!!!  Compassionate, clear, and an excellent communicator in layperson’s terms…  She doesn’t beat around the bush, but tells you exactly what you need to hear!  At least, exactly what I needed to hear!

Stone Window Caribbean Ocean Rock Wall

Beverley, UK, April 2017

I had the most extraordinary reading with Phoebe which was both enlightening and extremely profound. I found the whole experience to be one I had not experienced before with any other healing reader and would highly recommend her services to anyone as being beyond words!

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