• I honor the courage, strength and personal power it takes to recognize that you are Powerful!  I want to recognize YOU for valuing yourself on the level of a Queen.
  • Only a Queen knows she is a Queen … claim your Queenly worth!
  • I want to congratulate you for knowing that you came here for a very specific Spiritual Purpose and I want to THANK YOU for being willing to take the step to connect to your most Powerful, Highest, Divine Self.


I.  Please fill out the application form for the Spiritual Leadership Program (located below this overview – at the end of the page);

II.  Please contact me for a brief, 15-minute phone connect to make sure this program is the right program for you;

Once you fill out the form, my phone number will be provided to you.  Please just send me a quick text and we will schedule a time to talk within 48 hours so we can review your application form together and get to know each other a little bit.

III.  Once we speak, please:

  • Visit the Packages & Upgrades page to understand the additional multifaceted support & resources accessible to you while you participate in this program;
  • Visit the Payment Page to make your payment and reserve your space.

PLEASE NOTE:  There are Early Bird discounts for all payment options if you pay before Monday, September 3rd, 2018.  You also save when you register for Level I and Level II together.


*Once we have spoken on the phone, please make your payment as soon as possible to reserve your space.  Find out about available packages and payment options.