Once you have experienced your full, 2-hour Intuitive Astrology Reading with the Divine Medicine Lady, you are eligible to participate in weekly or monthly Spiritual Coaching Program to support your journey of reclaiming and rewriting your story.

During these sessions we will use a variety of tools to explore whatever issues are present that week as together we:

  • Help you shift into closer alignment with who you really are
  • Clarify your Spiritual Gifts
  • Refine your Spiritual Purpose
  • Connect with your Spiritual Guides & your Ancestors

Aside from Intuitive Guidance, we may make use of Astrological data, Tarot/Medicine Cards.  In addition, we may bring in prayer, the Archangels, energy work or whatever else is needed to support you on your journey.

My weekly and monthly coaching sessions are the most cost effective way to work with me.  I offer 30, 60 & 90 minute coaching sessions.  Weekly Coaching Sessions are available in 30-60 minute increments and monthly sessions are offered as 90 minute sessions.


TO PAY & SCHEDULE YOUR COACHING SESSIONS:  You can make your payment using the below payment buttons and schedule your session at the bottom of the page. You can purchase an affordable monthly package(4 sessions) of either 60 or 30 minute sessions for weekly sessions & monthly sessions can be purchased individually.  3-month Savings & Packages coming soon. 



Weekly Spiritual Coaching Sessions can be 30 minutes or 60 minutes each week.  Some people don’t want a “full session” each week but really want something brief to realign after a week of life!

To work with people on a weekly basis, I ask that you commit to participating in at least 4 weeks of coaching to make it worth both of our time and energy.  Weekly sessions are available as follows:

  • 4-Weeks of 1-Hour Spiritual Coaching Sessions (only available in monthly packages)
  • 4-Weeks of 30 minute Spiritual Coaching Sessions (only available in monthly packages)








  • All monthly Alchemical Coaching Sessions are offered in 90 minute increments for $90/session.