Warme Sonnenstrahlen

1-Hour Energy Healing Sessions

Each 1-hour session is $111.  During this session we may:

  1. Tune into current land past life issues and paths;
  2. Work with the Angels to clear the Energetic Field
  3. Read and Balance the Chakras
  4. Work with the Angels on Auric Protection
  5. Connect to your Spiritual Guides

Please contact me to discuss your specific needs. 

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1-Hour Readings: Intuitive Advice & Astrology

In this intuitive guidance session we will incorporate insights from your Astrology chart. We will also consult the Medicine Cards.

Sit back and let the Planets Guide You. The universe was designed in a highly intelligent, holistic way.  Each phase of our lives is held by one of the planets.  Each evolution that we make is made according to this higher intelligence.  Learn what developmental phases you have gone through, are going through and what is coming next.

  • 1 Hour Session for $111

Contact me to discuss your needs. 


Mini Sessions

I offer 15-Minute Spiritual Counseling Sessions for $25.  This is a great starting place if you are curious about exploring the possibility of us working together.

Contact me to discuss scheduling.


2-Hour Sessions: Custom-Design Your Spiritual Counseling & Energy Healing Session

Learn more about the powerful tools we can draw upon during your customized session. Most 2-hour sessions are a combination of an intuitive reading + energy healing. Each 2-Hour Session is $222.

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