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Today’s New Moon is really BARELY Eclipse Season Energy HOWEVER the crescendo has begun … and I think it’s a good thing that we get a gradual build up on this one.




It’s been about six weeks since I spoke or wrote on Social Media. I have really given myself this time to reflect and process the things that I was feeling and experiencing.  And it has been so much to process for so many of us – it felt like the planets were squeezing us to see if we could do Alchemy on the hardship. That time was literally like a training ground aka boot camp for what we are about to emerge into in Eclipse Season … OUR TEST to see if we can truly surrender to Divine Will and surrender our need for control.


In particular the six weeks leading up to Eclipse Season was marked by many unexpected changes, lots of challenging energy between Mercury (mind/movement) and Saturn (authority/time) and Uranus (unexpected change, chaos). When things were not going our way, many of us realized we needed to work in new ways with our old patterns of responding emotionally and sometimes irrationally to life situations. In the end we persevered because we knew that regardless of what came to pass we HAD to keep our vibration high and our mind/perspective/energy positive. And we have overall, despite the highs and the lows we are still here determined to keep our heads high.




SOOOOO … now Eclipse Season is officially beginning and with this New Moon in Cancer we get to swim in the energy of the powerful currents of the Moon/Cancer and Pluto/Scorpio – two different versions of water energies that combine in very powerful ways.


Pluto is the planet that rules transformation, sexual connection, wealth, power and all of the high and low vibrations associated with those things such as: Spiritual Wisdom, Passionate Sex, Shared Resources, Manipulation etc …


In Astrology Pluto rules the 8th House and is symbolic of the place in the human psyche that most humans run from their entire lives … their shadow, their deepest, darkest fears. That is why Pluto, like the Vulture that is so reminds me of, is about death and rebirth.  Because in facing our fears and our deepest pain, we transform them and are reborn. Just like the Phoenix.


Cancer is the sign that is ruled by the Moon and as such represents the Mother, mothering, the midwife, Yemaya and the Ocean (salt water). In Astrology the Moon rules the 4th house which represents the Home. Astrologically it represents that vulnerable place within – the inner child, the past, past lives, the ancestors and especially the intensely sensitive and emotional part of us that  remains wounded. The wounding causing an extreme sensitivity in that one place in our Psyche.


In this New Moon Sky, the Sun and Moon are exactly next to one another (conjunct) in the sign of Cancer OPPOSING Pluto in the sign of Capricorn … manifesting a powerful, creative tension between the energy of the Moon/Cancer and Pluto/Scorpio. Pluto wants to help us transform the way that we respond to our emotions.




Yes, Pluto, on behalf of Spirit is making ONE MASSIVE REQUEST of us – We must transform the way we RELATE to our fear-based emotions. We must now activate and actually walk the path of seeing and BEING WITH and finally transforming our fear-based emotions without acting them out and acting on them in old, unconscious ways.




• Our emotional reactions distract us from the work that we must get done to manifest our dreams;
• These fear-based vibrations simply attract vibrations JUST like them back into our lives;
• There are such strong energetic currents, portals and vortexes going on right now that we must be very intentional about what emotional and energetic vibration we are creating in our energy fields;
• Our fear-based emotional reactions take away from the direction that we actually want to go and reinforce old neurotransmitters and energetic patterns that we are working on rewiring into love-based emotions;


In the last month or so I have gone into a Vortex, like an inner cave. Inside the cave I don’t talk a lot and I spend a lot of time by myself. I think it’s the first time I have ever allowed myself this much peace and quiet and stillness. Inside the stillness I notice that one thing is becoming clear to me during this heightened time of honoring and being with our deepest, most vulnerable emotions:

  • Our deepest, most vulnerable places are usually old wounds and as old wounds they are like energy centers that hold old stories;
  • These old stories, though they hold old emotional currents that feel so true, powerful and sensitive they are really just that … stories that our young psyches invented to explain situations that were larger than us;
  • At the same time, from the perspective of the Soul, these old wounds and stories often have their source in past-life trauma that we have recreated on the level of the soul in order to heal;
  • Sometimes we have to get quiet to let the dust settle so that we can distill out the new story that wants to have space to emerge once the old story has been quieted enough that there is actually space for something new;




Eclipses can be known for taking something away from us that we may have been holding onto very tightly – something that no longer serves us.  Perhaps you want to reflect on what you may be holding onto that does not serve you.  One lesson I have gleaned over time working with the planets is that the process of transformation is much more graceful and full of ease and support when we WORK WITH rather than against the process of transformation.


Ultimately, I sense that this New Moon in Cancer is all about making a new commitment to be at home. To FEEL at home … to insist on feeling at home here on the belly of Mother Earth, trusting ourselves, our flow, our intuitive knowing. #RECLAIMING the lost, reclaiming the RIGHTFUL place of the Woman, the Mother, the Divine Feminine Principle and Essence in the Natural Order of all Things.  We must do this work to help co-create the balance that this Planet desperately needs.


In essence, it’s the healing of the Divine Feminine – I mean the Planets are all aligned for it:

*Chiron just went into Aries
*Uranus is in Taurus
*On top of that Black Moon Lilith just came out of a very intense healing transit with Pluto in Capricorn ( Ouch that hurt but I think it was not bad energy – just a lot of intense energy).

*Note:  Each of these aspects is incredibly powerful.  I encourage you to Google them and learn more!

The Divine Feminine is in an intense healing phase in her journey of truly facing and feeling the wounds of the Patriarchy – women and the earth everywhere are grieving. It seems to be a time that for the first time in thousands of years, many women are finding the courage, the fire, the strength and the wisdom to finally feel and express their pain, their disappointment and their outrage. Let’s just take a look at the Volcano in Hawaii, the Great Goddess Pele.  She has no shame about expressing what must be expressed.  Because to suppress it any longer will only prolong the suffering. The time for release has arrived.

-Sending New Moon Blessings & New PathWays of Nurturing, Expressing & receiving Self-Love & Wholesome ways of Mothering ourselves and others

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