Let’s get to the Heart of the Matter

Mercury goes into "Retrograde" 3-4 times/year and if this period of time and this energy is not handled with great intention,  understanding & care it can create a lot of chaos, misunderstanding, arguments, break-ups, trauma and sadly even accidents.

Our most recent Retrograde was in the sign of Aries and for many people it was one of the most difficult and for some people even traumatic experience in our conscious memory.

Our next Mercury in Retrograde begins

Check out the Retrograde Calendar to get all the details!

Get your personalized Retrograde Mini-Astrology Reading to learn and understand how this Retrograde will be acting on and influencing your life specifically. Some of us were born when Mercury is in Retrograde so we experience Mercury Retrograde phases VERY differently than the general public.

Retrograde Affirmation:“I dream, speak & move through the world with the intention of creating and experiencing peace and harmony within and without while standing in my truth and authenticity.”

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  • The cycle begins with  the Pre-Shadow at 2:35 pm UTC* on July 7.
  • Mercury Retrograde station occurs at 5:02 am UTC*, on July 26, in Leo (23o27"). Note that in North America on the west coast, the station occurs on the evening of July 25.
  • Mercury Direct station occurs at 4:25 am UTC* on August 19 and the late evening of August 18 on the west coast of North America.
  • Mercury leaves the Post Shadow on September 2 at 1:37 am UTC*, 9:37 pm DST on September 1.

This information is taken from this awesome website that it totally dedicated to informing and supporting the public around Mercury Retrogrades!


Chiron represents the Wounded Healer and symbolizes the path of mastery that is available to each of us.  We each have the opportunity of healing our deepest wounds to become the Master Healer & Teacher. When we heal our wounds of self-doubt and our connection to spirit, we master the power of our energy field in the manifestation process.
This is because as we release the vibration of self-doubt and bring in the vibration of trust, self-confidence and alignment with Spirit and our higher selves, our frequency changes.  And the truth about manifestation is that our lives, our environments are purely mirrors of the frequency that we carry in our energy fields.  To do that we must heal our deepest wound, a wound that can be illuminated through Astrology by the placement of Chiron. Learn more about Chiron on my blog post here.   Book your Strategic Chiron Healing Astro Reading by visiting the Scheduling & Payment Page (Cost is: $30 for 30 minutes or $55 for 60 minutes).