Many young children pick up on energetic distortions in their families and environments because their energy fields are so sensitive. Learn more here. 

As a result, their presence requires that we bring bring awareness and healing to the situation at hand. This may be a physical health condition, or an emotional or mental “condition.” The energy fields of most children are incredibly sensitive to energy work, adjustments and balancing. Prepare to be surprised at how connected children are to energy medicine.


I have a gift for seeing the wound within and the path of healing. It’s very important that we begin our work together by really examining the roadmap of the soul that the planets provide.

Each Natal Chart reading gives us a very accurate view of the energies at play in terms of spiritual gifts, wounds that came to be healed and the inter-relationships amongst people.   The chart reading illuminates areas that he/she came to master or resolve in this lifetime;

For Phase I, I do not charge as a package because it’s important that we delve into the chart of every family member. I will need 1-2 hours to do a natal chart and transit reading for each member of the family.

For my Astrology work, I charge $55/hour.

PHASE II PACKAGE:   This is a 3 Session Package (6 hours total) and includes:

  1. 1 home visit with the parent(s) and child(ren) (2 hours)
  2. 1 session of energy work for one child (60-90 minutes). 45 minutes-60 minutes of Energy Healing + a debriefing session with the parents (and the child depending on the age and child). Normally we do the energy work while the child is asleep.
  3. Follow-up session with the parents only (2 hours). Under certain circumstances it may be appropriate for the children to be there as well. In addition, depending on how much needs to be debriefed still and planned, I may have the opportunity to do some energy work and healing for the parents. Alternatively, we may have to include that in our follow-up work.

Please note - Children are VERY receptive to Energy work so it’s going to be most effective if I start my work with them. Your healing journey as an adult is very different from that of a child, especially a Highly Sensitive Child.


Step I: During my home visit I will tune into the energies at play in the home. I will get a sense of some of the energies that we want to shift and we will begin to do some energy work around the home - clearing, calling in the energies that are vacant etc.

  1. Based on what is illuminated in the Astrology Readings and the home visit, I will do an energy healing session for the child. If you have more than one child who needs energy work, you can pay the hourly rate to add more energy work.

For my Energy and Healing Work, I charge $75/hour.

During my Energy/Healing Work, I will:

  1. Tune into the emotions and spiritual energy of the child;
  2. Clear the Child’s Energy Field
  3. Do an Energetic Adjustment and Balancing
  4. Close with Auric Protection

Cost of Package I (6 hour session): $400 (Savings of $50)

Please contact me to discuss the needs of your family. 



I offer one high-level holistic family package that includes Intuitive Readings + Energy Healing Sessions including:

  1. Astrology readings for each member of the family
  2. Holistic view of the family’s Spiritual/Life Purpose here on Earth and looking at the spiritual work/emotional healing focus for each family member;
  3. Energy work for each family member
  4. Family-Level Energy work to shift the family out of Spiritual Crisis;

Price vary according to the needs and size of the family. Please contact me to discuss the the needs of your family. 

Complimentary Intro. Session

Each family is different. Let's discuss the needs of your family.