Many of us adults are learning how to parent and care for Highly Sensitive Children.  These children's energy fields are extremely sensitive. They pick up not only on spiritual energy such as lower vibrations but also on thoughts and feelings.  This sensitivity serves a very important purpose.  These children came here to heal their families, their community and the world.  And they will!

Generational trauma patterns that went underground and have remained repressed and mostly hidden for generations CANNOT stay underground in Highly Sensitive Children. These children are healers and they came to be our teachers. When there is an untruth or a distorted dynamic in their environment they will be spiritually, mentally, emotionally or physically ill, full of dis-ease. That “disease” gives us an opportunity to look at the root cause of this imbalance and to bring balance and wellness in its place.

Our work together is aimed at understanding the generational and root causes of energetic distortions and shifting the perspective from one of deficiency to assets. Together we will identify the spiritual gifts of each member of the family and your spiritual purpose individually and together from a holistic, asset-based perspective where each person’s gifts are honored and supported.  Finally, we will look at ways that your family can engage in healing work to shift the patterns that no longer serve you and your loved ones any more.

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