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SIGN 5. UNIQUE LIFE EXPERIENCES – After many, many years of having unusual events occur in my life I finally started to put together the common denominator. The spiritual forces that work through me literally produce miracles in the lives of others using my life. Now, the way that I express that is that the Holy Spirit works through me. When I say the Holy Spirit I do not express this from a religious viewpoint. I express it to mean the Great Spirit, the Great Mystery, God, the ancestors, our spiritual allies etc.

SIGN 6. TRUTH TELLING - As we progress on our paths and begin to trust what we sense with our sixth sense, we step more and more onto the path of the truth-teller. Truth telling is not valued in the Western world. Were we born in a different place and/or a different time, our culture would recognize the mystic, the prophet, the sage. Alas in this time we must affirm the mystic within until we build enough personal power within to speak these truths to the world. Regardless of how we deliver our truths, many people in our environment will not welcome the truth. Yet, as we walk the path and continue to speak truth, many will acknowledge it and come to support our path.

SIGN 7. BATTLING THE LABEL OF MENTAL ILLNESS, OWNING YOUR PATH AND YOUR TRUTH – If you are reading this article now and have made it to Step 7 I want to congratulate you. The truth is that the birthing of the healer within is oftentimes seen from the outside as a time of great crisis. Viewed through the eyes of the “other,” it is confirmation that there is something wrong with you. Many of us have battled the view from others that there is something wrong with us. They believe we should be medicated and need fixing. Viewed through your own truth, you know what you have manifested as you birth the healer within. Trust.

Many of us have to walk through fire to arrive into our full power. In modern times, this situation is our own Rite of Passage. Along with our spiritual allies, we co-create a high-level situation on the earth-plane that requires a miraculous intervention from the spiritual forces of the universe. Oftentimes we do this so that we can literally see the way that these spiritual energies and ancestors are always there for us.