Spiritual Leadership Program for Women Healers

Spirit Medicine for the Emerging Queen

Who is the Divine Medicine Lady?

Learn her True Story

Her LOVE for the People is Evident

The Divine Medicine Lady uses her connection to the Divine Source to provide you with the Intuitive Guidance to illuminate your path and bring you closer to your purpose. 

Her passion is helping people free themselves of the past to become their highest potential. She works with the light, her guides and the Archangels.

New Age + Aquarian = Out of the Box!

She specializes in facilitating powerful transformation for heart-centered people  in need of out-of-the-box, spiritually-grounded tools, resources and support.

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Why Work with the Divine Medicine Lady?

What you should know ...

What is so Unique about the Divine Medicine Lady?

She came to this Earth with a very specific Spiritual "gift-set" to accomplish her own Soul Purpose.  

Her purpose is to support you in birthing your Highest Self.  In that process, she will help you identify and work together with you to release old patterns that no longer serve you.

Client Testimonial

Karen, Illinois, May 2017

Phoebe's insights have helped me to gain a better understanding of myself. My sessions with Phoebe have allowed me to open up more to listening to my inner wisdom. Phoebe's spiritual gifts are kindness, empathy and a knowing about astrology that helps to support my daily life plans and goals.

What Do I get out of a Reading?

What's a reading anyway!

Where to begin the Journey:

To begin working with the Divine Medicine Lady, please schedule your one-time Intuitive Astrology Reading (120 minutes).  

During these short, 2-hours we will get to the bottom of whatever life issue has "plagued you," followed you since childhood.

During your Reading we will:

  • Review your Natal (Birth) Astrology Chart;
  • Review each of the "houses" or aspects of your Chart/Life;
  • Review the transits (Planetary shifts) going on in real time and how these Powerful, Universal Energies affect different aspects of your life bringing in specific opportunities;

Get the Full Breakthrough

Finally, we will examine any energies going on in your life that you are ready to shift.

We will call in the full breakthrough energy and get to the bottom of whatever challenge or situation you are dealing with.

Finally, we will discuss next steps about the best methods for you to craft your healing path.